What is EZGel?
EZGel is all natural!  It uses your own blood to create a substance that is an alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers to be able to target specific areas of your face.  

Basically, plasma is heated and then cooled to cause the human serum albumin (protein in the blood) to first denature (open apart) and then self-assembled in an organized way.  This is mixed with the platelet-rich fibrin obtained from your own blood to create a gel-like substance full of rich nutrient growth factors.

The best part is – this isn’t a chemical or a pharmaceutical.  It’s your own blood, that is spun, heated, and cooled to be able to be reinjected into a specific area to create an aesthetic outcome.  This can be used in many places where filler is used.

  • EZGel

    Typically a repeat is done in 6 weeks to 3 months, and then a repeat annually.

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